Kutch CV

Jose "Kutch" Ariola Villasor


I am a hardworking, punctual and totally reliable individual with almost 14 years of working experience in various Multinational Company. I am a flexible and adaptable person who can prioritize my workload and complete my tasks/projects to deadlines with little or no supervision whilst maintaining High Standards, Quality and Safety. I am conscientious and appreciate/respect the views/opinions and needs of others working within my team. I possess a very good team spirit to work and approach tasks/targets using a holistic approach. I am an efficient and diligent individual who views tasks as challenges rather than problems. 


Linux Servers (LAMP), Windows Servers, Microsoft Exchange, Networking, CISCO switches, CISCO firewall, Wireless Networking, Virtualization (VM ware), Microsoft Office package, CCTV deployment, Technical Support, Customer Service, Engineering Research, Digital signage, Planning, Sales, Security.



PC Support Technician

Direct Contract under: Spark Maintenance & Oilfield Services

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Focal point for Helpdesk calls for Ruwais Refinery and Maximo ITSR (analyze and redistribute tickets to I.T. Team/Section).
  • SAP support (analytical, corrections, support escalation and guidance) for individual user account.
  • Resolve company’s end user PC problems from Application to Software and Hardware Issues. Monitoring System for Kiosk Machines, Digital Signage and Networks.
  • First responder PC and Server Support for Crisis Management Center and Emergency Response Center.

Projects Rendered:

  • Setup Digital Signage (Windows Media Player, RMG Networks, Xibo, OneLAN)
  • Re-cabling, Tracing and labeling of entire administration building of Borouge during the take-over of RSI (Refinery Site Integration), 4 IDF (intermediate distribution frame) rooms with approximately 100 terminations.
  • Installation and Configuration of 200+ NEC IP phone client.
  • Developed web based system for Crisis Management Center and Emergency Response Center.
  • Setup monitoring system for Server, kiosk machines, access controls, bio-metric readers on refinery wide (using Solarwinds)
  • Data Diode Network Configuration for (OWL Computing Tech) DCS System to Business LAN, upgrade from version 2 to 3, preventive maintenance of the server.
  • Setup speaker system in 4 buildings for Islamic prayer announcement (Adhan)


Administrative Specialist

PSL: Halliburton Pipeline and Process Services

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Manage inbound and outbound personnel flight bookings.
  • Application of required offshore and onshore passes, which includes maintenance of tracker.
  • Facilitates outbound and inbound deliveries, prepare required documentations for smooth loading and offloading.
  • Manage and monitor personnel activities, timesheet and review of personnel invoices.
  • Maintains a record of equipment calibration sheet and track them accordingly to maintain periodic calibration compliance.
Sales Representative

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Sales and marketing strategist.
  • Business development solution.
  • General Sales function such as survey and review of requirements, submission of proposal and following up till receipt of purchase order up to delivery of goods.
I.T. Manager

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Setup CICSO Firewall and VPN Server as well for Linux and Windows Client VPN.
  • Designed network expansion for the company using Fiber Optic Cables with a running gigabit network, designed the entire building’s structured network.
  • Established and maintain a Scalix server under Xandros (identical to Microsoft Exchange Server) with 25 users using for their daily calendaring, tasking and e-mail.
  • Migrate file server from windows 2003 sbs to SuSe Linux Server.
  • Re-designed the Intranet server (that I previously designed) into a more functioning Intranet server with running DHCP Server, DNS Server,Postfix Server, Complete LAMP and CMS running on the box.
  • Maintain surveillance camera using IP Based.
  • Develop and maintain company’s external and internal websites. http://awwp.alwabra.com | http://careers.alwabra.com | http://al-thaniawards.com
  • Technical Support on all I.T. related issues from desktop support to server support.
I.T. Coordinator

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Manage company’s data, from data maintenance to data backups.
  • Setup company e-mail system (exchange server, mail hosting “using Fedora Core”).
  • Maintain remote office network (Running Cisco router to router and pix over VPN).
  • Setup/Maintain and Troubleshoot wireless networks from Main office to Off Site offices.
  • Setup File servers with strong foundation design and structure with a tight security setting.
  • Support over 30 Staff on their Laptops and Desktops for daily task and issues.
  • Laptop, Desktop and Server installation of OS and Applications.
  • Prepare tender for Qatar MOI’s Tetra Radio and G8 summit.
  • MTH800 Tetra radio uploading of configuration file.
I.T. Specialist

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Manage company’s data, from data maintenance to data backups.
  • Maintain Internet connectivity thru satellite comm. “Broadband” (Saudi Arabia Germany).
  • Administrate server from internet connection to local area network and even wireless connectivity using 802.11b/g
  • Maintaining Microsoft window based system from Windows Server 2000 and 2003 SBS, XP Home and Professional, Windows 95/Windows 98se in German version, and also Linux Mandrake 9.2 for Internet server.
  • Network wired and wireless I.P. Camera – designer, developer and maintenance
  • Network Hot Spots, Router, Access Points (indoor/outdoor)
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of desktop PC, laptops and even Mac G4 OSX.
  • Website administration, designing, maintenance and programming. (http://awwp.alwabra.com)
  • Digital video coverage, editing and publishing to VHS, VCD and DVD format.
  • Digital photography and editing.
  • Photo data banking, filling and organizing, around 30 GB of Digital Photos.

    Programming on animal vaccine scheduling software, blood samples data software.
  • Stocklist Program running on Intranet System (PHP + MsSQL), designer.
  • Planning, decision making and research on company’s information technology new trends.

Additional non-IT related works;

  • Office management on 40+ Employee’s ID card (Visa), health card monitoring.
  • Wildlife door key management, monitoring and organizing.
  • Small company budget for material supplies.
  • Wildlife material order correspondence.


AMA University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology, Information Technology, 2001 –2003
University of Perpetual Help – Laguna
Associate’s degree, Computer Technology/Computer Systems Technology, 1999 – 2001
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